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Dressler Ranch Barn

Built: 1870

Location: Dressler Lane

Photos Taken: May 2021

This is the barn on the original Dressler Ranch property.  It was constructed in 1870 and is 52’ long and 48’ wide.  It is a side entry barn with a large central bay and two side bays with openings for drive through.  It supports a cupola.  The frame is paired head bracing with 24 foot, 10”X10” purlin posts.  Center aisle is 22’6” wide.  All iron pulleys are still in place as well as the hay track carriage for a Jackson Fork or hay nets.  The property has been in the family for five generations, homesteaded by Fritz Dressler in 1863.

Text from: Barns of Carson Valley - A Pictorial History, Douglas County Historical Society

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