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September 12, 2023


Hi Members:

Reminder that our September 12th meeting of the Carson Valley Photo Club is live at the Methodist Church in Gardnerville. Time is 6:30pm.


Rob McArtor will present a PowerPoint program on “Basic Composition”. 

Take Care,

Joe Clements


August 25, 2023


Hi Members: 

Our September 12 program is on Basic Composition by Rob Mc Artor. We will be meeting at the Methodist church in Gardnerville (1375 Centerville Ln.) 6:30pm. Read this pdf for more information. Rob will also be judging this month’s photo contest (Historical Landmarks). So let’s get those photos in by the deadline on the 5th and share your view of historical landmarks from anywhere you've recently been. 


Joe Clements

President of Carson Valley Photo Club

July 29, 2023

A reminder that this month's photo contest is "Authentic Joy". What does

"Authentic Joy" mean to you? The deadline for the photo contest is August 1 at midnight. So get them in by Tuesday.


This month's program (August 8th at 6:30pm) is a zoom presentation by Cindy Marple. Cindy's program will be on photographing the Svalbard archipelago in Norway. Read this pdf for more information. Zoom information will be sent to members.

Joe Clements


June 28, 2023

Photo Club Members,

Reminder - The Photo Contest deadline is July 4. The subject is “Red, White, and Blue - 

Photograph things like buildings, objects, or people that are displaying/wearing red, white, and blue.


Upcoming Contests are:

August - Authentic Joy - Due August 1

What says authentic joy to you? Spread some happiness with your imagery.


September - Historical Landmarks - Due September 5

Share your view of historical landmarks from anywhere you've recently been.


October - Reflections - Due October 3

Reflections can be found all around us. Get creative!


The monthly meeting will be on July 11 at the Methodist Church in Gardnerville, 1375 Centerville Lane, Gardnerville, at 6:30pm. Our speaker will be MD Welch who is going to discuss photo processing software with an emphasis on Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Our agenda will include:

  • Discussion on future field trips

  • Guest Speaker – M.D. Welch

  • Photo Contest Results

Over the last 20 years, M.D. Welch has been a professional photographer, video producer and director. M.D. Welch has taught photography, lighting, video techniques, and the major Adobe applications, for the University of Nevada, Academy of Art, Shooting the West, the Nevada Museum of Art, Sony, and the Maine Media Workshops. 

He brings not only the technical aspects of the arts, but the real-world lessons that come from working in the field for over 25 years. His knowledge, passion and energy applied to the subjects he teaches have been the hallmark of his career.

Tom Monti


June 5, 2023


Good news regarding our secretary. Robin Rowe has accepted the job of secretary. Good luck Robin.


A reminder about this month’s photo contest: Get your photos in by the deadline Tuesday at 12:00 midnight. This month’s theme is "Water in Nature". We sure have a lot of it this year. So, get your photos into Kimberly.


June 13th (Tuesday) is our regular meeting night and will be at the United Methodist Church, 1375 Centerville Lane, Gardnerville, at 6:30pm. Our speakers will be the dynamic duo of Will and Beth Enos. Will is speaking on portrait photography and Beth will be judging the photo contest entries. Read this pdf for more information.


Our club dinner will be on Thursday June 15. Dinner will be 4-6pm at the Sierra Chef, 2292 Main St, Genoa. We will be sitting outside in the patio area under the shade trees. The cost of the dinner is $10.00 per person, and includes hors d’oeuvres, iced tea, dinner, desert, and tip. The club is paying for the difference. (The actual dinner cost is $15.00 plus a 20% tip). You can bring your own wine, if desired, as there is no corkage fee. Please send me an email if you plan to attend the dinner.

Thanks everyone,




May 18, 2023

We have a follow up to Mary Cioffi’S fine program on wild horses. Nancy Hulsey will lead a field trip on June 3 to the Pine Nut Mountains to view and photograph the wild horses. Please go the the club member's Field Trips page for more information





May 8, 2023

Tomorrow our meeting will be an in person meeting at the Methodists church at 1375 Centerville Ln. Gardnerville.


Mary Cioffi Will be our speaker. Here's a little more about Mary. 


Mary has lived in the Carson Valley since the 70's, raising her 4 daughters here.  She has been a local Realtor for the past 39 years.  Now with Intero Real Estate Services. As a local wild horse photographer Mary has been wandering the hills of Pine Nut Mountain photographing our historic bands of wild horses for many years. She is currently the President of the local 501c3, the Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates.  There is always much going on with the wild horses on the Fish Springs range and Mary tells the stories of the wild horses on Facebook. Today that local Facebook page has over 60,000 followers and raises the funds to provide birth control to the mares in the bands in the hills of Pine Nut Mountains.  The mission is to reduce the reproduction rate of the wild horses, protect the range they roam on and avoid the need for the roundup and removal of our much-loved wild horses. . .  and now for the rest of the story.



April 1, 2023

Hi All:

Our April 11th program will be a Zoom program with Irwin Lightstone. Irwin will speak on black and white photography. Check out this pdf file to learn more about Irwin and see some samples of his work.

Remember Tuesday the 4th is the deadline for your entries into the photo contest. So, let’s get those photos in on those cute “Baby Animals”.


Take Care,



March 5, 2023

Our March 14th program will be a Zoom meeting featuring Cindy Marple on photographing Antarctica.


This month's Photo Contest is “Feet”. So, just direct your feet to the “Photo Contest” link on the CVPC website. Due date is March 7th. 


Take Care,




January 31, 2023

Hi Carson Valley Photo Club Members,

Don’t forget the Photo Contest (Birds in Flight) due date is February 7.

This month’s meeting will be held at the Carson Valley United Methodist church, February 14. The reason for the meeting is that we are going to have a hands-on workshop for members and their cameras.  Let our panel of experts answer any of your questions about your camera.  Our expert’s will give you tips to make better pictures, not just in your camera settings, but in the thinking process of taking a picture. So please bring your Nikons, Sony, Canon, or any other make of camera or cell phone. 

We invite anyone who wants to take better pictures to attend this meeting. To all members bring your cameras.


Methodist Church

1375 Centerville Ln., Gardnerville, NV

Date: February 14

Time: 6:30 pm. 


Take Care,



January 7, 2023

Good morning!

We are about thre
e weeks away from Eagles & Ag! Is everyone excited?! We shall see what the Esther does this year!

Reception is Thursday, JAN. 26 5:30pm-7:30pm.
This will be the ONLY day the photographers will be displaying their photos!

Please come to the community center on Thursday Jan. 26 around 3pm if you will be helping set up. If not helping come at 4pm and make sure to check in with Alicia Main by the dining room door when you arrive.

Before we can start bringing in our grids and artwork, we will be moving tables and chairs into storage to make room. Only then can we start setting up. We will only need a few people to get this done, not everyone needs to help with the tables and chairs, but please wait until the dining room is cleared before bringing in your grades and photos.

VERY IMPORTANT! When moving chairs and tables, DO NOT drag them across the floor!

The reception begins at 5:30 PM. There is no charge to exhibiting photographers, and you keep all of what you make on sales. But, any friends and spouses must pay the $30.00 ticket price, which is totally worth it, to enter. There will be appetizers, don’t expect a dinner, and there will be live birds!

At the end of the evening, we will break down and then we will have to bring the tables and chairs back out into the dining room. Please stick around to help, it won’t take long if we all lend a hand!

A lot of time, effort, and expense goes into this event, so if you see any Chamber of Commerce folks or any of the mini volunteers that will be there, be sure and thank them! None of us get paid for this event.

Attached is a layout of where each booth will be set up. If you have any questions please contact me at

Looking forward to a great event!

Kim Steed



January 5, 2023


Happy New Year Photo Club


Wanted to update you all on a few quick things.


January Photo contest Our photo contest deadline will be extended due to weather and holidays.  Please turn in your photos by this Saturday January 7th by midnight.  Theme is Red and Green !  Hint hint Christmas !!


New leaders for Year 2023 !  Our new President is Joe Clements and the VP is Tom Monti and they will be taking over shortly and announcing our new officers.


Eagle and AG: Coming soon January 26th-29th sign up for classes or tours.  We will be sending out a email about our clubs involvement in Thursday night photo sale and show display.  If you have questions right now please contact Kim Steed.   


Susie Roaldson

OCTOBER 30, 2022

Quick reminders!


Remember this coming Tuesday November 1st  is the last day to submit your photos for the contest.  Remember Cindy Marple is judging our photos and it could be a good lesson to hear her comments about our photos.  Theme is again shadows. 


Also  Tuesday the 1st at 6:30 pm is the open Zoom board meeting to discuss next years plans please bring ideas and concerns along with those who might be interested in positions in the club. Here is the link to participate. 

Our next meeting will be November 8th 6:30 pm on zoom.  Cindy Marple will be our presenter.



Hope you all are healthy and enjoying our beautiful fall,



Susie Roaldson

CVPC President


October 7, 2022

CVPC Members,


Our next meeting is October 11th.  I will open the Zoom meeting around 6:15 PM and the meeting officially starts at 6:30 PM. 


Jim Sculatti will be our speaker. He has been a birder for many years, lives in California and has traveled around the world to shoot different kinds of birds. He will share a slice of his photography including a recent trip to Arizona where he captured numerous amazing birds.


Aaron Harris (from Action Camera) will be our judge of this month's "Objects in the Sky" contest.


Hope you can join our Zoom meeting this month!


Topic: CVPC October 11, 2022 Meeting
Time: Oct 11, 2022 06:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Click this link to ---> Join Zoom Meeting

Sandra Silva


September 9, 2022

Carson Valley Photo Club,

Unfortunately due to the smoke and low interest in attending the officer / 2023 planning meeting at my house on Sunday is being canceled.  We can plan for the near future to meet again or add it to our monthly meetings. I hope those of you that enjoy the club will come forward and get involved.  Again our plan is to involve many members as to spread the jobs around making it easier for each person to contribute with little time involved. 


Fires and smoke again…so terrible…be safe…hope and pray they can get these fires under control soon…

Next Meeting will be on zoom due to smoke September 13th 6:30 pm for our photo contest and speaker Tami Force.


Silver State Art Fair is happening this week-end across from Costco at Fuji Park.  Vivian Powers and Kim Steed from our club will be selling photos there! You go girls !  


Kit Carson Lodge is having local art displayed also this week-end with live music and lunch.  Sept 10th 5-8 pm and on the 11th 11am-2 pm.  Located at Silver Lake California.  Wendy Whyman from our club will be displaying photos at the lodge.  You go girl!  I am not aware of any other club members selling or I would mention your names too.   


Busy Week-end for sure it is also the Reno Balloon Race and I am seeing beautiful pictures already!   



Susie Roaldson
CVPC President   

September 5, 2022

Carson Valley Photo Club,

Happy HOT Labor Day to all!  Some quick updates.

Next Meeting:
September 13th 6:30pm

Moved to zoom meeting due to smoke, details to be sent.

Speaker will be Tami Force. She will give us a tour of the backroads and Ghost Towns in our area while sharing her pictures from her adventures!


Photo contest:

September - Light Painting - Due September 8

Due to the holiday and this special type of photo contest I am going to extend the due date of the contest picture until September 8th so more members will go out there and give this a try!

Sometimes called light drawing or light graffiti, light painting is the photographic techniques of using a moving light source like a flashlight, glow stick, light brush, or even a smartphone, to alter an image while taking a long exposure photography. Best done where there is little light pollution outdoors or indoors. 

******** Get your photos in because this month’s theme should be really interesting and a learning adventure!!!


Photo contest Judge: 
Anyone interested please contact me.


CANCELLED Meeting at my house September 11th:   
Meeting to plan for 2023 photo club year and elect officers! I have not heard from many people at all so if you are interested please reach out to me. If there is no interest, I will cancel the coffee/treats meeting and we can go from there.


Have a safe warm Labor Day and get those light painting pictures!

Susie Roaldson
CVPC President

PS…  I am absolutely going to help the next President and VP throughout next year all that you may need. I did really enjoy this position but the load needs to be spread out amongst many. It is a great way to learn, get acquainted with the members and have some fun! Think about it! It also improved my picture taking skills…it made me get out there… 


August 22, 2022

Carson Valley Photo Club Members,


The CVPC Board met August 17th  to plan and discuss how next year will look like for our club.  We really want to get prepared for next year so we do not lose our momentum forward.  We would like more involvement meaning making more positions to spread the wealth around and really have a team effort. By making many different positions we then reduce the time involvement for each person involved.  I received many emails from club members saying how much they enjoyed field trips, and speakers.  So we would like to continue as we have been but also would like your input for 2023 photo club year.  I plan on taking another position as I love this club and want to stay involved.  I already have a speaker for next year in January so whoever takes over for the club already has one foot in the door.  We have some new ideas like assigning one person a month to get a judge and or a speaker? ( What do you think?) Not sure about that and want your input.  We are paying outside speakers 75.00 dollars and outside judges 50.00 dollars as most clubs do this to get professional speakers and judges.   


We want to focus on:

  • President: Over sees members obtaining judges and speakers and plans for the meeting.

  • Vice President: Will help get judges, speakers and assist with the meetings as needed. 

  • Treasury: The dues

  • Secretary: Taking notes for meetings and forwarding them on.

  • Field Trip Leader: Organizes field trips and sends out emails to the club ( the field trip person does not necessary need to go on the trip) but then assigns a go to person.   

  • Tech Role: Helps with zoom, meetings and photo contest, having experience in these areas with the computers.

  • Photo Capture Role: Who we send our photo contest pictures to and they send them to the judge.  Might take our winning photos over to the Library to hang for a month.    

  • Field Trip Committee: Those that want to help plan field trips with the Field trip leader.

  • Meetings/Trips Committee: Those that want to share ideas about meetings or trips.

  • Facebook/Record Courier Newspaper: Monitors our Facebook page and places articles in the Record courier and winning photos.  Nancy Hulsey does this and may continue her position if desired.  

  • Photo Club Show Coordinators:  Doing what Kim and Vivian did for the Nature Conservancy show, Copland Art Show, Eagles and AG and Exhibiting and Selling of our prints.   Kim and Vivian may still assume these positions.  


*These are just brief descriptions of the jobs above, we hope to refine these jobs and positions with all your input. 

So on September 11th 2022 (10 am) at my house in my back yard (lots of shade and Koi pond to sit around) we are having coffee and treats while planning the future for our club members. I will send out my address at a later date.


I hope you all can attend please bring your ideas and thoughts for us all to hear and let’s see what majority of us want for our club.


Please RSVP for Chairs and Eats, but you are absolutely welcome last minute.



Susie Roaldson
CVPC President


July 24, 2022

Those that are hanging photos in the Copland Art Gallery, Kim Steed needs a final head count of everyone who is hanging pictures for sure.  Even if you have reached out to her please do so again.  She also said that she will be available all next week for you to drop off your prints for her to hang in the gallery.  You can reach out to her by email. 


July 21, 2022

Copland Arts Show Reception:  Will be on August 6th from 1pm-3pm At the Copland Arts Center, we will be serving wine, beer and cookies.   Please bring interested friends and family to view our clubs photos.

  • Looking for a Photo Contest Judge for August

  • Trying to set up a night shoot of the Milky Way in August, more to come.



July 3, 2022

Three More Barns: Horseshoe B (White), Comstock Seed, and Elmer Stodieck

Date: July 9, 2022

Time: Meet at 7:30 AM at the Horseshoe B Barn (White)

694 Highway 88, Gardnerville NV


Sandy Jonkey and I visited three barns during the Carson Valley Barn Tour on June 18th. We met the owners of the Horseshoe B (White), Comstock Seed, and Elmer Stodieck barns. Sandy subsequently contacted the owners and arranged for CVPC members to photograph the barns on July 9th.

We’re going to start at the White Barn, move north on HWY 88 to the Comstock Seed Barn, and conclude at the Elmer Stodieck Barn. We’ll allocate about an hour time at each barn.

One of the things I found interesting are the current owners’ use of the property and barns. 

  • The White Barn was purchased in 2021 by the Schuler family where they will use the property to expand their cattle range.  They raise grass fed beef and sell it to specialty grocery stores. Link to their Facebook page:

  • The Comstock Seed Barn is a working barn where the seed company processes seed for their customers.  One of their current projects is for reseeding the Tamarack Fire zone. The Kleiners set up a critter cam in the barn and post videos of the barn owls in the blog section on their website:  Link to the blog: (No barn owls now – too hot.)

  • The Elmer Stodieck Barn is being used for wedding venues. The barn has been renovated and the original exterior wood was removed and placed on the interior walls.  The current exterior wood was milled locally and is beautiful.


Below is information on each barn:

  • Horseshoe B (White) Barn – This barn was built between 1900 and 1910 by Pete Jensen and Herb Dressler.  The barn is 116’ long and 60’ wide.  The barn was originally built to be a dairy barn.  It was previously owned by the Squires, Thurburs, Rhuenstroth/McMasters, Swensons and Rahbecks.  It is now owned by Beth Schuler.

  • Comstock Seed – The “Comstock Seed Barn” is named for the seed operation by Ed and Linda Kleiner, its owners for 12 years.  The barn is used for dry seed storage and bagging with a large chaff separator inside an added tower.  The Kleiners are avidly protecting the original “3-bay” timber framed barn, evidently built by William Henke about 1921.  The dairy stalls were made more useful by filling in the typical cow poop gutter.

  • Elmer Stodieck – This ranch was originally settled by Peter Lightle in 1860, receiving patent to the land in 1865.  Records show the following as owners: Bill Kemp; C.C. Henningsen; Louis Stodieck purchased it from Henningsen in 1904; Elmer and Betty Stodieck and Wilfred “Buck” and Lois (Stodieck) Jones purchased the property from Mrs. Louis Stodieck in 1950.  This barn was built around 1890 and is 85’ long by 40’ wide and is a timber frame structure.  It is currently owned by Patti Graf.


Thoughts on photographing architecture/barns and barnyards:

  • Wide angle lens is helpful. 

  • Know how to change your ISO, F Stop, and Shutter speeds as the natural exterior light is usually much brighter than the barn interior lighting. Additionally, the interior light can be very contrasty, or vary depending on the type of lights in the barn. I usually keep my white balance on automatic and adjust for light color cast during post processing.

  • Having the luminosity (light to dark) histogram camera display may be helpful in setting exposure in the contrasty light.

  • Be conscious of camera tilt and the corresponding impact that has on building perspective. (Does the building look like it is going to tip over from from a particular angle?)

  • Change your perspective in the space – shoot wide to capture the entire barn exterior or vastness of the interior space, such as high ceilings with the rafters. Shoot close to capture joinery and wood texture.

  • Explore the barn yards – there’s some pretty interesting stuff in them.

  • Have fun and experiment with your shots.


We look forward to seeing you on the 9th.

NJ Thompson

Board Member


June 25, 2022

Carson Valley Photo Club,


Copland Gallery Exhibit update:
The Carson Valley Arts Council has invited the Carson Valley Photo Club to exhibit our personal photography from August 1, 2022 through September 30, 2022 at the Copeland Gallery. 

The gallery is located at 1572 US HWY 395, Minden NV.


>>>>>>  ************    Please remember that you need to send Kim Steed your Bio for the Art show at Copland Gallery.  She needs them by July 1st for the show. 
The date to hang prints is August 1st.


  • There is no theme to which picture you decide to hang

  • All photos will be for sale

  • Gallery percentage of sales 25%

  • Gallery will pay the photographer for their photo that sells

  • The maximum width of your photo must be limited to 20 inches to fit on the grids

  • All photos must be finished on the back of the print with the brown paper

>>>>>>>  More information will be coming but please your first step is getting your Bio to Kim at

Our next meeting:
Our next meeting will update all information concerning this Copland Arts event, Kim and Vivian will do a demonstration on how to place the brown paper onto the back of our photos for the finished look.   We will meet at the Church on July 12th 6:30 pm.  


Photo Contest: “ Look up”, way up… Due July 5th !! 
Look up,  a high percentage of the time we tend to look straight ahead at our own eye level. Let’s change it up a little, change your perspective and aim your lens upward at objects that are right in front of you.


Let's all participate in the gallery event !!


Enjoy your HOT weekend !

Susie Roaldson
CVPC President  


June 24,2022


On June 30th we are welcome to show up at 8 am at the Train Museum before the start of the Great Steam Up that starts on July 1st.  No public will be there and we will be able to shoot pictures of all the engines without crowds.  The fee for early admission is 50.00 dollars and they are only charging us 8.00 dollars each person!!!   


There will be volunteers there to help us with questions.  They are not sure yet if any of the engines will run or produce steam while we are there.  This is a fantastic opportunity for us all.  I just hope this time of day and being a week day is not too hard for those who work, I apologize if this is difficult for some of our club members.


Could you let me know if you are attending so I have an approximate head count.  Please show up anyway as they will let us all in.  So don’t feel you need to RSVP for admittance. 


Everyone is welcome no matter what !      


Thanks all,
Susie Roaldson
CVPC President


June 17, 2022

Remember it is pollinator month and we could hang pictures for the dinner in June at the Dangberg Ranch.

FYI some classes they are offering  can be found here.  

Susie Roaldson

CVPC President


June 13, 2022

Update for our dinner and club meeting this Tuesday June 14th 2022

Dinner is 4-6 pm at Sierra Chef in Genoa.  Temperatures will be 74-77 degrees at the time of dinner if we can count on the latest report.  We will be sitting outside on the patio under the shade trees  We have 19-20 club members coming to our dinner meeting. The cost for dinner is 10.00 dollars each person and this includes, hors d’oeuvres, ice tea, dinner, desert and tip.  The club is paying the difference for us.  (The dinner cost is 15.00 plus a 20% tip)


*Remember we can bring our own wine if desired with no corking fee.


*Photo contest will be held on Wednesday June 15th 6:30 pm on zoom.


Exciting news is coming >>>  NJ and Kim will be sharing information about an upcoming Art Show that our club has been asked to display photos for them in the near future!


  A really nice invitation ! 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Details coming Tuesday night!   See you then !  


PS: If someone wants to come last minute please contact me  



Susie Roaldson
CVPC President 

May 25, 2022

Plans for our dinner at the Sierra Chef are finalizing this week.  It will be outside on their patio under the trees with lots of shade.   


Dinner:  June 14th 4-6 pm Sierra Chef Genoa

Menu: Ice tea and water  * She said we can bring wine but we must poor our own, no charge for this.   
           Hor d’oeuvres
           Lasagna with meat  (if no meat, please let me know)
           Green Salad


Cost:  10.00 dollars a person   (includes all the dinner and tip)  the club will chip in for the rest of the cost which is 15.00 a person + pay the tip !!


Last day to RSVP:  Friday June 10th (to and I will call her with the total for dinner that day.

Thanks all,

Susie Roaldson
CVPC President


April 7, 2022

Carson Valley Photo Club,

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday April 12th  at 6:30 pm


We have Lindsay Chichester PhD Douglas County Extension Educator speaking on events in Carson Valley that have to do with pollinators in our area.  She has asked if we would like to display or sell our prints of the pollinators such as Butterflies, Bees, Hummingbirds, Bats etc.…She will speak and explain her plans for multiple events that will take place in June.


Our photo contest this month had over 50 pictures submitted…wow !  With that being said we had to weed that number down as to avoid overwhelming the Judge and taking up so much of his time.  Our judge is Jim Grant. 


Barbara Mower will be going over new additions to our web page, how to access club members phone # and email along with other updates. 


Updates to the Conservancy show

**I would like to have a July dinner or lunch at the Sierra Café like we did last year for fun and socialization along with a meet and greet as we have many new club members.  If there is interest I will get it planned.   


We are going to have some changes to our Facebook page and that will be explained at the meeting.


Next field trip is May 14, 2022 out to Fallon to view the Blue Heron Rookery, Still Water and possibly Carson Lake.  The last 2 field trips have been a great success thanks to Robin Grueninger  for her time and efforts to arrange and carryout the trip for those who joined in.


Discuss meeting in person in May or June, wanting to hear how you all feel about this.


Thanks all,

Susie Roaldson
CVPC President


March 31, 2022

Quick information for the club with more information coming…


I spoke with Lindsay Chichester who is in charge of the events being planned for the Pollinators Month Celebration coming up in June.  She is very interested in our club providing pictures for sale and showings of the pollinators in our area. Such as bees, bats, hummingbirds and butterflies.  She plans on events in a few places in the Valley like Dangberg Ranch and others that our photos would be displayed.  They are starting their planning meetings April 11th 3-5pm at the extension office in Gardnerville, all are welcome to attend.  Please see attached flyer.  I am having Lindsay speak at our April 12 meeting to inform us of her ideas about the events in June.  So think about taking pictures of pollinators in our area to show and sell to visitors who attend events. 


This will all be updated at our meeting April 12th and there is a # you can call with questions.  She is also going to have a tour of bee hives for those who are interested and has bee protective suits available.


Lots going on! 




Susie Roaldson
CVPC President


March 21, 2022

Upcoming Field Trips:  

April 2, 2022  >>  Mason Valley to see and film the Ospreys we will meet at the Walmart parking lot in South Gardnerville at 7:30 am.  We then can carpool and or follow each other out to the Valley together.  

May 14, 2022 >> Fallon to view and film the Great Blue Heron Rookery and see Stillwater wildlife, time and location to meet up will follow soon. 

Please let Robin Grueninger know if you are interested.


Susie Roaldson

CVPC President


March 16, 2022

Events and changes to pass onto to you today…


Next club meeting:  For April meeting it will be on zoom and not at the church.  I apologize as I know many are anxious to get back to the church.  We had a photo club board meeting last night and the majority had voted to continue on zoom for multiple reasons.  We will re-evaluate this decision in late May for possibly June.   Some advantages to keeping our meetings on zoom are the ability to have speakers from other states and to be able to show most anything on our screens in the comfort of our home.  The club does have members that live in Tahoe and they have expressed how much better this is for them especially with weather. We have had some amazing speakers and without zoom this would have been at this point impossible.

We are planning field trips for our socializing and learning together, we could also meet for lunches or whatever that particular group decides to do together.  Our board would like our meetings and field trips to be for fun but especially for learning and improving our photography skills at what ever level we are at with our knowledge and camera skills.   Each year we are planning events to hang our prints for exposure and or to sale the prints to the public. I hope everyone will be ok with this and understand that we all still desire to have a great club with great experiences.  We have continued to stay active through covid when many clubs have completely stop functioning.

Nature Conservancy Photo Show

Important >>>>>>>>> We need to plan right away for the Nature Conservancy  I need to know who will hang prints and who will volunteer to sit at the show to answer questions and collect money.  I will be out of town and I really need someone to be in charge of this event?  Just to make sure it is organized.  We have racks that Sandy will bring to hang our prints on.  It is a fun time I have done it before.  The Center is beautiful.  It also takes place with the Genoa Heritage week-end event hoping this brings people to see our show. We need 4 people to sit for 4 hours on Saturday April 30th  and Sunday May 1st for the show.


Saturday 8-12 shift or 12-4 shift        Please if you can sign up for one of these shifts….Thanks
Sunday   8-12 shift or 12-4 shift         

A note from Lori Leonard (River Fork Ranch Preserve Manager)  today  > > > > > >Thanks again for the phone call last week.  I thought I’d check in to see if the Carson Valley Photography Club was interested in a Photography Art Show at The Nature Conservancy’s Whit Hall Interpretive Center the weekend of the

Genoa Western Heritage Days (April 29 – May 1). 


The Nature Conservancy would like us to hang our prints of wildlife, landscapes and cowboys/ranches in our Valley.  We can just display them or sale prints.  Our club will give a donation to the Conservancy after the event.  Please time is of the essence!  Let me know who would like to hang prints.


Douglas County Historical Society Art and Wine on the Green:  May 14-15 10 am -3 pm  1477 US Highway 395 N, Douglas County Historical Society you can rent a booth for 60 dollars if you would like to sale your prints.  If you would like to share a booth with each other and plan for this event that would be great as the club as a whole is not going to get involved.

Please reach out if you would like to hang prints for the Conservancy week-end.  Lots going on more to come…



Susie Roaldson

CVPC President


March 9, 2022

Carson Valley Photo Club Members,


Our next photo club contest for April 12th meeting will be pictures of your latest travel of landscapes, wildlife or people. We realize many have not traveled for a lone time so there is no time limit on these pictures.  If you have some pictures from that last 2 years of travel during covid lets see them and see what can be done in difficult times safely with minimal health concerns.  Add the dates of the photos in the name of the print if you think of it.  Like 2021 or 1998 as an example if there is enough room for you to add this. * or good excuse to travel now the coast, redwoods, desert or elsewhere! Enjoy !


Susie Roaldson
CVPC President 


March 6, 2022

Hope this message finds you all well and eager to get out and shoot pictures!


Club updates:


Next Meeting This Tuesday > > March 8th 6:30pm with  Cindy Marple showing pictures of her Galapagos Islands trip and sharing information about it ! This Meeting will be on Zoom.  


Nature Conservancy photo show:  I have had interest from members and Lori at the Conservancy to hold another show during the Genoa heritage Days April 29th-may 1st.  Please be thinking about this and I am getting more information tomorrow after speaking with Lori. I will need someone to take charge of this to oversee it as I will be out of town for those dates.  I can assist until I leave town on the 17th of April.  


Meetings at the Church:  Members are requesting to meet back at the Church soon. We still need to figure how we will handle zoom speakers.   It will take a team to get this prepared for our open meeting at the Church with the ability to have Zoom speakers.


April Meeting:  April 12th will be on the wild horses in the pine nuts given by Nancy Hulsey and a field trip to follow.  Details coming…


Field trips:  Great Ideas from Robin Grueninger !!  Thanks Robin 

Animal Arc opens March 12th  10-4:30 $14/admittance $12/over 62. 
Hawthorne big horn sheep, March/April is baby time, 2 hour drive not sure where they hang out?

Mason Valley- April is a good time for Osprey nests


Do we have interest in any of these places for a field trip?

See you all at our March 8th Meeting!




Susie Roaldson

CVPC President


Eagles & Ag Update

January 12, 2022

What a great presentation by JT Humphrey for our meeting on Tuesday.  Thanks Susie for arranging the program.


My list for members planning to bring photos for our show at the CVIC Hall in Minden on Thursday, January 27th and Friday the 28th are:

Vivian P., Don S., Nancy H., Sheri M., Steve D., Connie P., Susie R., Robin G., Tom K.

If I have missed anyone on the list above, please let me know.


The deadline for getting on the list will be Monday, January 17th.   Vivian and I visited the CVIC Hall on Tuesday to plan the grid set up for maximum use of the space we have available.


Set of the grids and hanging of photos will start on Thursday the 27th at 10:30.  We will finish by noon to open the doors for the free public session.  Our set up crew includes:  Sheri, Steve, Susie, Greg, Aaron, Nenita, Sandy, Bill, Vivian


The show schedule is as follows:

Thursday - 12 - 3:00 -  free, open to general public

                  3:30 - 5 - paid session with birds

                  5:30 - 7 - paid session with birds


Friday - 12 - 5 - free, open to the general public

               5:30 - 8:30 - paid session with dinner and birds


We need just two members to sit at the booth for each paid session (you do not have to pay) and at least two members for the free sessions.  The 12 - 5 free session on Friday can be split so no one is there for 5 hours.  If you have a specific time that works best for you please let me know.  (Nenita has committed to 3:30 - 5 on Thursday).  Otherwise, I will make assignments as we get closer to the event.


Thanks so much for your participation in this fun event.  As always, if you have any questions or comments, please contact me.


Sandy Jonkey


December 20, 2021

Stay tuned ! 


Next year we have tentative plans to have these speakers and trips planned:

January 11th 2022  -  John Humphrey speak about Eagles and Ag. and show pictures  Photo contest is “Lights”

February 8th 2022  - Matthew Henderson from Henderson Fire Media  showing local pictures of our fires Photo Contest is Eagles and Ag


March ? 2022  -  Cindy Marple speaking again to us about photography  Photo contest is  “After the burn”  pictures of the burned area and new growth, what do we see up there? 

April 12th 2022  - Nancy Hulsey will speak on our local wild horses and we will be organizing a field trip up to the wild horses and a photo contest involving the horses.   


*We are organizing a community/team approach to help plan field trips, Speakers and Judging for next year.  We have a few interested in this already.  Please come forward if

you may be interested in this team.  In order for our club to work we need assistance and input to have creative ideas and Speakers.  It is to hard for just a few people to keep

this going.   Let’s get involved    please….

We will discuss all these plans and more in January but this gives you an Idea of what is to come.

Note   >  >  >  >  >  >  We have many positions still open for January ! 

Susie Roaldson,

CVPC President

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