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Corley Barn

Built: Late 1800's

Location: Highway 395

Photos Taken: August 28, 2022

This barn measures 43' long by 60' wide. The ownership records are: H.F. Dangberg, 1861-1903; Wallace and Maggie (Hickey) Park, 1903-1937; Robert and Margaret (Park) Pruitt, 1937-1986; David Pruitt, 1986-1997; Jon and Paula Corley, 1997-Present. The barn was used strictly for agricultural purposes for 113 years. In 1999, the Corleys opened up the ranch for private special events. In 2002, the Corleys put a concrete floor in the center portion of the barn, and it became the centerpiece for dances and parties of all sorts.

Text from: Barns of Carson Valley - A Pictorial History, Douglas County Historical Society

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