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Field Trips

Below find information for upcoming club field trips in 2024.





May 4, 2024

Bruns Barn

Directions:  Drive south on Hiway 88, passing the stateline into California.  Approximately 3/4 of a mile past the stateline is a right turn on to Fredericksburg Road.  Take this right turn and proceed west to a "T" intersection with Foothill Road.  You will see the barn to your right but turn left onto Foothill Rd. and park on the right shoulder in front of the cemetery.  We will assemble there and walk the short distance to the barn.  This is one of the smaller barns that we have visited and is still used today for vehicle storage, etc.  The barn and the old house next to it were built around the turn of the other century.  Hopefully, Bruce Bruns will be there to give us some historical information.

Possible field trips the club board is considering, some we have done in the past. Also great idea for thos looking for photography locations:

  • Animal Ark

  • Hawthorne - big horn sheep, March/April is baby time

  • Mason Valley - April is a good time to see the osprey nests

  • Pinenuts - wild flowers in early May, wild horses year round

  • Great Blue Heron Rookery in Fallon - May is a good time to visit

  • Greenhead Hunting Club in Fallon - has lots of birds

  • Still water - has lots of birds and owls

  • Raptor Adventures - open from June - Oct, Sat/Sun flying 11am and 1pm, near Animal Ark

  • Swan Lake

  • Virginia City

  • Camel Races

  • Hot Air Balloons

  • Douglas County Rodeo

  • Hope Valley - great to visit for fall color

  • Ghost towns

  • Taylor Creek

  • Christmas Train

  • Bodie

  • Fort Churchill

  • Emerald Bay

  • Fallen Leaf Lake

  • Stewart Indian School

  • Pyramid Lake

  • One day post processing workshop

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